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Cause we need it

Oh yeah we need it. lol.

So this was a dub I acquired from someone else to finish cause they were lazy...Lazy? Are you sure cause I'm not. I think it might be because the voices in this are so full of fail that they couldn't do it. Well I hit the point of "That's too much fail for me" so I stopped working on it shortly afterward.

Fell the pain of

The failed SOUL EATER Fandub.

Narutotutu :( x-posted from journal

I remember when the first batch of episodes of Naruto were released online. I made it to episode 22 before I said "tl;dw" and gave it to my sister. I'm not really a fan of a 50000 episode series that really, really could be condensed to, oh, 5 episodes. Maximum.


Finnish Digimon Official Dub...

Courtesy of Agepio Race Team.... All I have to say is: AUGGH KILL IT WITH FUCKING FIRE

I guess I'll be the first.

Because this is something I recently watched.

I didn't know if you wanted my rant under a cut, but there you go.Collapse )

Any more opinions?

Here you go...

Welcome to dubfucks...

This community is not a safe space -- if you're looking for someone to hold your hand and pat you on the back, you might want to try somewhere else. Yes, there will probably be some mean things said in this community, but pretty much anything is open for snark -- including members themselves.

This community is open to venting about dubs and fandubs in any language.

Fandubbers can take advantage of this community for honest feedback they may not be able to receive anywhere else.

Introductions are not important -- just start posting.

Welcome, and have fun!